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Aguilar De Nerha Final Presentation

Hi guys! So I have decided to release the trailer we have been working on.
This is by no means anything official but only "fan art". I was thinking of doing something different with my character presentation. This is running in the Unreal Engine 4.
Thanks to all the people who helped me out on this one! Started as a small project but as always exploded into something bigger LOL
People who helped me realize this idea are:
Lenz Monath (Environment Art), Sarah Mai(VFX), Alexander Raab(Tech Art), Rik Joanmiquel(Animation), Peter Whiting(Cinematics), Giacomo Frega(Sound Design), Tim Verhaert (Post Editing).


Bao vu trailer shot 1

Screenshot from the trailer

Bao vu wip shot 1

WIP screenshot before post

Bao vu wip shot 2

WIP screenshot before post