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Aguilar De Nerha Head Zbrush

I finished the highpoly of Michael Fassbender/Aguilar De Nerha.
This is a screengrab directly from the Zbrush viewport(No PBR Render!).
I used Photoshop for the DOF and Vignette effect thats pretty much it. I created 2 custom skin materials for this project. There will be a complete breakdown on this and a documentation of how I achieved this. I will share this Zbrush project for FREE once I did a clean up since this project is almost at 3GB.

There is also a progress thread on polucount.

Thanks for reading! I wonder if anyone is reading the descriptions... :D

Bao ngoc vu wip 24

Please read description

Bao ngoc vu wip 24 2

Zbrush Viewport

Bao ngoc vu wip 26
Bao ngoc vu wip 23

before I tweaked the nose and eyes

AguilarDeNerha - sculpting and painting hand in Zbrush