Our Ghost Of War Character

Bao ngoc vu inengine 1
Bao ngoc vu inengine 2
Bao ngoc vu highpoly whitebox 01
First Iteration of the nude soldier model. This one was too muscular so i had to tune it down a bit.
Bao ngoc vu highpoly whitebox 11
Ended up with something like this in the end.
Bao ngoc vu highpoly whitebox 13
First Iteration of the Head
Bao ngoc vu highpoly whitebox 14
Final Zbrussh sculpt of the head.
Bao ngoc vu highpoly whitebox 15
First iteration of the german world war uniform. the overall uniform was too tight
Bao ngoc vu highpoly whitebox 16
Uniform got bigger.
Bao ngoc vu highpoly whitebox 17
added boots and an inner shirt.
Bao ngoc vu engineshot2
First test bake of the head in unreal engine 4 with the lowpoly uniform.
Bao ngoc vu engineshot3
close up of the head test bake
Bao ngoc vu engineshot4
Bao ngoc vu highresscreenshot00017
uniform textured with quixel suite and shader set up
Bao ngoc vu highresscreenshot00018
close up on the first iteration of the ingame uniform

Hey guys!
I am helping out on the "Our Ghost Of War" project. Learn more about it here:

I was responsible for the whole Character creation including shader set up and all the funky stuff including the Character creation :D
Character rigged and posed by Dragan Mihajlovic and the Weapon modeled by Nichole (https://www.artstation.com/artist/skaveria)
Real time screenshot in Unreal Engine 4.